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MLIS started providing an Interpreting and Translation service in 1998, when it became clear to us that there was a shortage of culturally diverse language services.

Our client base at the time was largely comprised of small projects and refugee groups within the community – and many of those clients are still benefiting from our services today.

Thanks to a combination of expertise and a unique understanding of our service users we have added to this list significantly since then. Our clients now include HM Courts and HM Prisons, leading charities (including Age Concern, Mind and Shelter), and an extensive list of local authorities, NHS trusts, voluntary organisations and the legal profession.

We work with our clients to break down language barriers. We help you deliver effective communication and ensure that all your service users have equal access to your products and services through professional language services.

Professional Services

We have been able to develop our professional service by building an extensive database of qualified translators and interpreters, and many have been with us since our initial formation. Every one of our professional Translators and Interpreters is rigorously tested and checked and every one of our Translators and Interpreters has been CRB-checked.

Our strict quality control procedures eliminate all margin for error and inaccuracy. All our written translations are thoroughly proofread before delivery, and each piece of work has undergone continuous monitoring, evaluation and spot-checking procedures before it is signed off.

We also give our clients every opportunity to feed back on the services we provide, so we can be sure that our high standards and friendly, professional service are never allowed to diminish.

Get in touch now to find out how we can provide the same excellent service for you.

  • Translation

    In a multicultural, multi-lingual society, the process of translation has never been more important. And the gulf between a good translation service and a bad translation service has never been wider.
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    Public Service Interpreting
  • Interpreting

    The world of international communication – whether it’s commercial, legal or political – would not function without the services of interpreters.
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    Public Service Interpreting

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