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Court interpreting

MLIS was set up to help people communicate effectively, wherever and whenever they need it the most. When it comes to providing legal and court interpreting services, our expertise and track record have made us leaders in the field.

Court interpreting has been one of our specialities since our inception. We work closely with highly qualified solicitors and legal representatives in a range of legal areas, from children's and family services to mental health and housing cases.

These are highly sensitive areas, wherein judicial decisions are based on comprehensive and clearly communicated cases. So it is vital that all our legal interpreters are highly experienced and practised in the language of the courts – as well as being fully court approved and CRB-checked.

High-profile cases

We have assisted several high-profile cases over the years, including a number of important judicial reviews, and our ability to work in a professional, expert and confidential manner have put us strongly in demand.

With so much at stake in some of the legal cases in which we have been involved, there is no room for misinterpretation. It is our interpreters' job to convey everything that is said by the non-English speaker – adding nothing and leaving nothing out. Any communication errors or misunderstandings could make the difference between a judgment being passed and a case being thrown out of court.

Of course, our interpreters work in many out-of-court settings as well – be they solicitor meetings, witness preparation meetings and interviews, or discussions with probation officers. With so many legal discussions to be made, it is essential that our interpreters are fully aware of the legal parameters and the language they need to deliver, as well as the huge importance placed on the quality of their work.

We are experts in legal and court interpreting services. To find out how we can help you in your legal case, contact us today.

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